Currently, I work at Canadian Tire as a product developer for their storage and organization private label TYPE A a new brand that officially launched in 2019. Here are some of the products that I helped develop in the closet, laundry and kitchen categories.

1. Engrained Breadbox & Canister 3pc Set 2. Linear Storage Basket 3. Linear Napkin Holder 4. Linear Fruit Bowl w/ Banana Hanger 5. Linear Utensil  Crock 6. Meta Utensil Crock 7. Linear Basket Large 8. Linear Countertop Caddy 9. Meta Paper Towel Holder 10. Linear Paper Towel Holder 11. Linear Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder 12. Linear Wall Organizer

1. Engrained Drawer Divider 2PC 2. Linear Cupboard Shelf Stackable 3. Stay Corner Shelf 4. Engrained Expandable Cutlery Organizer 5. Stay Under Shelf Organizer 6. Engrained Drawer Organizer Large 7. Stay Pan/Pot Lid Rack 8. Stay Cupboard Expandable Shelf 9. Alpha Over-Door Pantry Organizer

1. Alpha Drying Rack 2. Forte Aluminum Compact Dishrack 3. Forte Aluminum Dishrack with Wine Glass Attachment 4. Perspective 2-Tier Dishrack 5. Comfort Dish Mat Large 6.Comfort Dish Mat Small 7. Flex Silicone Over-Sink Drying Mat 8. Flex Drying Mat 9. Stay Pull Out Expandable Drawer 10. Alpha Under Sink Organizer 11. Alpha Under Sink Organizer

1. Engrained Step Stool 2. Alpha Step Stool 13″ 3. Alpha Step Stool 9″

1. Expandable 2-Tier Shoe Rack 2. 10-Tier Shoe Rack 3. Over-Door 8-Tier Shoe Rack 4. ENGRAINED 2-Tier Shoe Rack 5. 3-Tier Shoe Rack & 16-Cubby Shoe Organizer 6. Shoe Organizer 7. PERSPECTIVE 3-Tier Shoe Rack

1. ENGRAINED Family Tree 2. ENGRAINED Garment Rack 3. Freestanding Closet w/cover 4. Stationary Garment Rack 5. PERSPECTIVE A-Frame Garment Rack 6. Heavy Duty Portable Closet

1. Wide Quad Leg Ironing Board w/Marble Cover 2. Tabletop Ironing Board w/Grey Stripe Cover 3. Quad Leg Ironing Board w/Grey TYPE A Pattern Cover 4. T-Leg Ironing Board w/Multi-Color Stripe Cover 5. Compact Ironing Board w/Eucalyptus Grid Pattern 6. Premium Ironing Board w/Grey Pin Stripe Pattern 7. Ironing Board Covers: grey grid, color block, grey pinstripe, watercolor eucalyptus, eucalyptus TYPE A pattern, grey geometric, marble premium, watercolor florals premium 8. Ironing & Over-Door Steamer Mat

1. Vertical Sorter Laundry Hamper 2. Marble Laundry Basket & Hamper 3. Round Laundry Basket w/Lid 4. Laundry Hamper w/Lid 5. Wire Laundry Hamper 6. Easy Carry Flex Laundry Hampers: white, grey 7. Waist-Fitter Laundry Baskets: white, grey

1. Plastic Clothespins Eucalyptus 50 Pack 2. Plastic Clothespins Caddy Eucalyptus 100 Pack 3. Non-Slip Clothespins Grey 24 Pack 4. Natural Wood Clothespins 48 Pack 5. Mesh Laundry Bag 6. Pop-Up Mesh Laundry Hamper 7. Over-Door Iron Caddy 8. Delicates Laundry Bags 3 Pack

1. STAY Non-Slip Hangers: eucalyptus, grey, white 2. STAY Non-Slip Coat Hangers 3. Flocked Hangers 5 Pack, 18 Pack 4. Walnut Wood Hangers, 18 Pack 5. Natural Wood Hangers, 8 Pack, 18 Pack 6. STAY Accessory Hooks: eucalyptus, grey, white

1. Expandable Accordion Drying Rack 2. Accordion Drying Rack 3. 3-Tier Vertical Drying Rack 4. Compact Drying Rack 5. Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack 6. Wire Gullwing Drying Rack 7. Over-Door Drying Rack

1. Momento Utility Cart (Cream, Eucalyptus)  2. Aluminum Zippered Shopping Cart 3. Insulated Shopping Cart

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