1. Core set (mountain range, cactus, heat wave & docking bar)  2. Additional pieces sold individually (sage, pink, gold, white and docking bar)  3. White set in use  4. White, gold configuration  5. White, green and pink configuration  6. White, green and pink another configuration

ARIZONA, putting fun back into organizing.

ARIZONA is a set of desktop accessories that help to keep your workspace organized and stylishly tidy. It’s a temporary resting place for your keys, smartphone, earbuds, writing utensils and post-it notes outlining your immediate priorities.

In the same way that we wish to break up the busyness of our days, ARIZONA breaks up our work surface with small undulating waves. These waves provide the ability of the consumer to connect each of the objects as they see best. This connection becomes the element of play while still providing the basic need to keep one organized.

ARIZONA is designed as a system of parts, in which more or less can be added or subtracted as needed. The core system is made up of the docking bar, cactus, mountain range, and heat wave. We add the option to purchase additional items in a complementary set of colors. The docking bar is made of wood, which provides a contrast to the other 3 pieces made of metal.


In January 2018, I was part of the Work Life exhibition co-hosted by Umbra and the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO), where I introduced ARIZONA to the public, which was well received.


1. Banana leaf palm  2. Snake plant  3. Monsterrat plant pink  4. Pineapple plant  5. Monsterrat plant white  6. Logo

Faux Tropique is designed for those who lack “the green thumb” but still wish to have an element of nature in their home.

The inspiration for this project came to me from my own inability to keep plants alive, no matter how low the maintenance required. Not enough light, too much light, not enough water, too much water… plants are just impossible to please! Tropical plants aren’t often readily available or easy to find, and they can be expensive and difficult to maintain. And often the most beautiful plants are the ones that are most toxic to our pets.

These pieces are created to mimic the presence of greenery, personified through sculptural interpretation. They come in various sizes, colors, and styles, from floor to desk plants, and are a cinch to assemble and easy to store. Faux Tropique brings an element of nature into your home without all the fuss.


In January 2016, I was part of the Compact Living exhibition co-hosted by Umbra and the Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO), where I introduced Faux Tropique to the public. To my surprise and delight, it was a hit! The plants were voted Fan Favorite, got a Designlines heart and were featured on TV and in other press!

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