I recently launched my own ceramic line under the name Nanange. My first collection is called Auberge and it’s a system of stacking and trinket bowls and dishes that are meant to be mixed & matched to create an effortless organized and decorative storage solution for everyday items. Shop the products here.

1. Alpaca Trinket Dish  2. Alpaca Vase 3. Fern Vase 4. Tassle Trinket Bowl 5. Fern Trinket Bowl 6. Montserrat Trinket Bowl 7. Tassle Bowl 8. Marble Pink Trinket Dish 9. Terrazzo Caramel Trinket Dish 10. Terrazzo Grey Trinket Dish 11. Marble Green Trinket Dish 12. Grid Terracotta Trinket Dish 13. Grid Navy Trinket Dish


These are some of the products that I’ve designed for imm Living over the last few years.

Based in the eclectic city of Toronto, Canada, imm Living is a design company that draws inspiration from the four corners of the world. Marrying form and function, with a playful sensibility, each piece is injected with rich meaning, evoking emotion between objects and people. Designing for the home, product categories include Home Accessories, Table Top, and Stationery. Like good friends, we wish you a long and happy relationship with your imm Living pieces.

1. Hidden Animal Teacup Collection  2. Creature Camouflage Teacup Collection  3. Little Helpers Gnome Collection (Gold & Metallic Blue hats)  4. Rock Candy Cake & Cupcake Stand Collection  5. Cast a Spell Unicorn Creamer & Sugar Bowl  6. Woodland Friends Wine Stopper Collection   7. Tropical Splash Pineapple Cantaloup & Pineapple Bowls  8. Ladies Who Lunch Wine Stopper Collection  9. Flying Sparrow Teacups  10. Tiger Butter Dish  11. Drink to Life Skull Wine Stopper Collection  12. Brother and Sister Cruet

1. Crowned Heads Collection  2. Feathered Nest Collection  3. Sleeping Fauna Collection  4. Comrade Collection  5. Meadow Friends Collection  6. Animal Head Collection  7. Horse & Rabbit Glass Jar

1. Jack D Jackalope Jewelry Holders  2. Sly as a Fox | Hungry as a Bear Mirrors  3. Royal Tine Jewelry Holder Collection  4. Kalyana Jewelry Holder  5. Bells of the Ball Ring Holders  6. Moth to the Flame Trinket Dish  7. Crystal Clear Trinket Dishes  8. Duello Ring Holder  9. Emerging Wild Ring Holders Collection  10. Cloaked Beetle Wall Hooks  11. Grassland Companion Ring Holders  12. Dwellers Collection  13. Mortise Wall Hooks  14. Vanity Companion Mirror  15. Horseshoe Ring Holder  16. Fauna Series Ring Holder  17. Melting Treats Popsicle Ring Holder  18. Found Lacquer Jewelry Box Collection

1. Best in Show Prize Ribbons White Board  2. Trophy White Board  3. Cuckoo Nest Clock  4. The Arcadian Stamps Collection  5. The Studs Coin Bank  6. Kings Subjects Pencil Holders  7. Liquid Lab Collection  8. Pastel Pastiche Acrylic Tray  9. Woodland Wonder Acrylic Tray  10. Stroke of Luck Wall Decor  11. Earl the Squirrel Stacking Game  12. Topsy Turvy Teacup Stacking Game

1.Woodland Wonder Collection  2. Pastel Pastiche Collection

1. Antler Ring Holder for Urban Outfitters 2015  2. Snowman and Pelican Stamps for Anthropologie 2013  3. Hermit Crab Stamp for Netflix 2012



for more retailers visit imm Living

Author: Ange-line

Ange-line Tetrault is a stylist, product & holistic designer. Haus Alchemist is a lifestyle blog where she shares her love of design and wellbeing to help you alchemize your life and unlock the magic within.

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