How to Style the IKEA RISATORP Utility Cart

How to Style the IKEA RISATORP Utility Cart

Living in a small space means finding ways in keeping your belongings uncluttered, organized and easily accessible while seamlessly fitting into your decor style. My kitchen countertop had become overwhelmingly cluttered and uninspiring, and there was no space in adding a new piece of furniture like a desk or another cabinet. The solution, a utility cart, but one that works in my space’s aesthetics and can fit all my office/stationery supplies. 

I shopped around, looking for the right size, color, look, and price. I wanted something that would tie into the white and light wood furniture as well as something that didn’t look so “office-like”. The perfect fit ended up being the IKEA RISATORP Utility Cart

The point of the cart was to help declutter the kitchen counter to remove the visual clutter. When organizing the cart I had to be very specific with what was added and how it was styled to not make it look cluttered. Intentionally using storage containers that could organize my things but also made it look styled and layering in textures, materials, heights, and color created visual interest. 

Scroll through for some inspiration. 

Add in a small plant + DIY Planter (I’ll post a tutorial soon)

Memoblock + pen

Woven basket (H&M Home) + stationery organizer

The pink organizer is one of my designs that I might produce again…

IKEA Ypperlig Box + Stacked books + Glasses case

UMBRA Toto Storage Box

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