How I’m Learning to Use My Intuition to Find Self-Acceptance

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How I’m Learning to Use My Intuition to Find Self-Acceptance

Last year around this time, I turned 40! What the what?! How did this happen, where did the time go and what was I doing with my life?! As you may know from previous posts and Instagram, I’m separated, and that shook me to the core, but in a good way. I won’t get into it here, but it was time for me to live my life on my terms and I needed that space and time to reconnect with myself. In the process, my spiritual reawakening started and I’m returning to myself. 

There are three women who are major inspirations and guides for me right now. I listen to their podcasts, follow them on Instagram and visit their sites often. They offer tools that I’m finding helpful as well as give gentle reminders/nudges and insights. The timing is always in alignment with what I’m needing at the time, which is not a coincidence, as the more I tap into my intuition the more these “coincidences” happen. If you’re inclined to check them out, here are their links: 

Ashley Wood | Lacy Phillips | Natalie Miles

So, what does it even mean to “use my intuition to find self-acceptance”? Well, I can only speak for myself, but in essence, it’s an “all-loving, all-knowing force” within us that’s the key to self-acceptance. Sometimes intuition comes as a download/ping (Ashley and Lacy speak on this), almost like a thought that appears and it can be energizing or an “aha” moment. It can also be physical, like a gut feeling.

Tuning into your intuition involves taking a hard, honest look at everything about yourself in a non-judgemental way and accepting all of it, your strengths, shadows, and all. From that place of self-acceptance, you can start to change the stories you’ve said about yourself, those stories where you’re not loveable, you’re too weird, you’re not good enough, etc… Those stories that don’t feel good and no longer serve you. Accept them for what they were and let them go.

This is NOT easy work, and it takes time, kindness and patience. There’s no “end point”, but you will start to notice the shifts in your patterning and suddenly you’re not who you said you were anymore. At first, there’s a sense of loss and confusion as you rediscover yourself, but then it all starts to come together and you feel more like yourself, the self you were born to be. 

Here are some of the practices I use to help tune into my intuition

Meditation |
I meditate 10 minutes first thing every morning and 10 minutes before bed. This helps create space within, calm the mind, and be more present.  

Journaling | This is one of my favorite practices, it allows me to process all the downloads and empower me to shift my story. It’s a great tool for not only self-reflection but also self-discovery. I tend to journal in the evenings during the week and in the mornings during the weekend.  

Weekly ritual bath | I use salt soaks that are infused with delicious essential oils, mixed in with crystals. This helps to cleanse the energy of the week and reset. It’s also a quiet space to let it all “soak in” and ground myself.  

Tuning into my body | Listen to what your body needs, to its energetics. Move your body when needed, rest it when needed. This also includes eating intuitively. Honor and respect your body, it knows what’s best for you.

Keep in mind, this is HARD work, and I have days where I let myself down, but I don’t let it get the best of me. Shifting into my intuition has increased my energy and helped me shed layers of “stuff” that’s no longer serving me. 

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