How I Turned My Small Balcony into a Personal Corner

How I Turned My Small Balcony into a Personal Corner

When I was looking for my apartment last year, having a balcony was top of my list. After being in a house for almost a decade and having access to the outdoors so readily, it was important that I could do the same in my new place. For about half a year, it’s like having an extra room and since I’m up so high, I can actually leave the door open for Ruby to access even when I’m not home.

I have a great view of the city, I can even see the lake. This summer we had some impressive lightning storms and fireworks and I watched them from the comfort of my balcony. But before I could get comfy, I had to give it a facelift, as you can see from the images below…

There was quite a bit of pigeon poop, lots of dust and dirt that I cleaned up. You can also see the air conditioning unit which takes up a corner, thankfully it’s not a usable corner. The floor is a grey concrete, even after cleaning it, felt a little grimy. The balcony is small, but enough to add a couple of chairs, and maybe a side table.

Since it’s like an extension to my living room, which is themed as Boho Tropics, it needed to reflect similar elements. I themed it as Desert Oasis. I carried through some warm tones and natural elements. Since it’s small, it also needed to be minimal yet functional.


This is my Desert Oasis! Love the wood tiles from IKEA. It makes the space more inviting, less grimy, and the dirt hides underneath. They were easy to install. I did need to use a hacksaw to cut off the extra plastic edge that connects the tiles together in order to make it fit the width of the balcony. In my area, it can get pretty windy and these tiles haven’t budged, they’re also low maintenance and easy to clean.

I found these amazing chairs at HomeSense at an affordable price. What I wanted was the Acapulco Chair, but they’re a little too pricey. These chairs use a similar vinyl rope and are wide, which makes them so comfy.

When the sun is out and bright, it casts some pretty cool shadows.

This is my DIY tree stump side table (tutorial to come soon…) and the solar light/lamp is from IKEA.

Ruby looking adorable as always!

I got a few artificial plants and pots from IKEA, like this large cactus, and the smaller cactus. I strung up some fairy lights on the glass railing by using clear plastic hooks that mount with tape on the underside of the rail. So simple yet effective.

I love these wood tiles so much, they make the space feel complete.

Originally I wanted to cover the fan and do more with the dark grey wall,  but since the winds get pretty bad, I didn’t want to add anything that could potentially fly off. I added the fig leaf tree from IKEA in a gold pot and used fishing wire to attach it (did the same for the large cactus) to the rail inconspicuously. I also hid the fairy lights battery pack in the gold pot.

I feel fortunate that I have this lovely balcony/space, where I can sit outside, watch the city and have a bit of quiet time. I’m going to miss being able to do this during the cold months.

Have you turned your small balcony into an extension to your space? Leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram @stylishlytidylife

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