5 Ways to Decorate Your Space with Plants

There’s a big trend with decorating your space using plants right now. No matter the size of your home, it’s all about that green living. Not only does it add color and nature into your place, but there are also health benefits. Keeping them alive is a whole other story, so I try to find plants that are hardy and easier to maintain. I’m lucky in that my space provides ample light and many of them have been able to thrive. I do sprinkle in some “fake” greens in the mix.

Here are 5 ways in which I decorate my space with plants.

1. Walls

This is a fun one, mix it in with the other artworks. The top wall vase is by Umbra and the mini green wall is from Muji

2. Mini terrariums

You can also create a mini terrarium. I used the base of this table lamp as the terrarium. 

3. On their own

Another great way to decorate with plants is keeping it simple and placing them on their own. Get a cute vase and add them on a shelf, or coffee table. Or, like the image above, get fake plants (CB2) and put them in a basket/planter. 


4. Clusters

Grab a bunch of potted plants and cluster them together and create a mini jungle. The first set of clustered planters are from West Elm, and the ones directly above are from Ikea, including the plants. 

5. Playful pots

Who doesn’t love a playful pot! It’s like a piece of art in essence. The llama above is from West Elm, and the alpaca vase above is from my new product line, and the one next to it is from Urban Outfitters

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Author: Ange-line

Ange-line Tetrault is a stylist, product & holistic designer. Haus Alchemist is a lifestyle blog where she shares her love of design and wellbeing to help you alchemize your life and unlock the magic within.

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