5 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life + Free Download

5 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life

Just as we declutter our space, it’s just as important to declutter our digital life. If you’re anything like me, you probably have many devices, from a laptop to a phone to an iPad as well as your work devices. On top of that, they’re used daily, probably minute by minute of each day. Which means they get filled with so much information and it becomes overwhelming. For those reasons, it’s a good idea to periodically streamline your e-life.  

1.  iPhone|iPad

We’re constantly on our phones, so things start to pile up. Remove unused apps and organize your apps in folders. Delete and sort through your photos, and remember to delete your deleted photos. Clear out any old notes and reminders from your notes/calendar apps. If you use iCloud, you should also log into your account and clean it up. 


Not sure how this happens all the time, but my browser bookmarks get out of control! I save so many sites as references or inspiration and pretty much never go back to them. It’s good practice to try not to save so many pages, but if you’re anything like me, it’s probably better to create folders for all those bookmarks to go into. It’s more manageable and easy to find those inspirations you’ve saved. 

3. Emails

It’s so easy for your inbox to fill up quickly, at times it feels like you can’t keep up with all the emails. Create folders for specific projects or for newsletters. With Gmail, you can add the email addresses to those folders so when you receive those emails they automatically go in that folder. You can also flag important emails. Also, unsubscribe to any newsletters that you never read. 

4. Social Media

Start by deleting any accounts that you never go to. As for the accounts you keep, it’s good practice to unfollow people or retailers who don’t bring you joy. Also, delete some of your older posts that don’t represent who you are now.

5. Computer

It’s good practice to keep your desktop organized and clutter-free. You can download the 2019 desktop organizational wallpaper I designed for free. Keep your everyday files on your desktop for easy access in folders and sub-folders. Clear out your downloads folder, and keep your documents folder organized and up-to-date. Delete old files you no longer need. You can also store files you no longer use but need to keep on an external hard drive. Go through your photos and clean up those folders. If you use iCloud, you should also log into your account and clean it up. 

iPhone Wallpaper

Download image by right-clicking on the image to “save image as”.

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